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Hindenburg has Killed Adani Group? Decoding Adani’s Reaction to Hindenburg’s Accusations

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On 24th of January 2023, the Hindenburg report launched a direct torpedo against the Adani group and caused a havoc in the Indian capital markets!!! and like we saw this had such an insane impact on the Adani stocks that 7 Adani companies lost 100 billion dollars in market cap! and ever since this report has come out, the entire Indian public has been segregated into 2 extreme catergories!!

While one side people believed the report blindly and started bashing the Adani group for pulling off a fraud on the other side people dismissed the hindenburg report itself and labelled it as a direct attack on the Indian economy!

So we decided to read both the documents as carefully as possible to help you understand both, the hinderburg report as well as Adani group response to the report!! and after we put out these arguments, its completely upto you to decide who is right and who is wrong!! and the best part is regardless of who wins or looses, the one thing thats good about this drama is that it helps us capture your attention to teach you the most remarkable concepts in Business.

What are the most powerful arguments of Hindenburg against the Adani group?

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